Our Organizational Teams

It takes a lot of work to make a church happen.  We have leadership teams of all kinds to make things tick.  Here are most of the main teams that function to make our church a vital, mission oriented body of disciples for Jesus Christ.


ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD This group is responsible for the over all administration of the church business affairs.  Committees that deal with administrative issues report to the Administrative Board (such as finances, property issues, and  staff or personnel concerns).   These are very important concerns that facilitate making ministry happen.  Many committee chairs and officers make up this group along with several “at large” members.  The Administrative Board meets on the second Monday of every other month.


COUNCIL ON MINISTRIES  This group oversees the programming areas of our church.  Any active ministry program such as Sunday School, mission opportunities, children’s ministry and youth ministry and many more programs all are coordinated and evaluated through the COM.  This is vital work to make the ministry meaningful and successful.  Program leaders are the primary members of this group, but “at large” members are welcome too.  COM meets on the second Monday of every other month.


BUILDING COMMITTEE Recently we have been taking a serious look at the possibility of a building program to update and enlarge our current facility.  This group has been the key group for discussions on this issue and working with a professional consultant to see what is needed and what is feasible for us to consider.    This group will be reporting to several other committees and to the whole church as we develop a plan for moving into the future.


CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAMworks regularly to bring vitality to our church program when it comes to our littlest disciples.  They oversee Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, monthly special events for kids and all kinds of fun. 


EVANGELISM TEAM is responsible for keeping track of lost sheep and looking at new ways to invite people to come to our church.  This is a fairly new committee, but its work is very critical to our church.


FINANCE   This group is responsible for keeping track of our ongoing financial affairs.  They look at monthly income, expenditures and giving to special causes.  This group is critical in helping us maintain a healthy financial picture and making sure we handle what God gives us in a responsible way.  


GRACE EDGETT BOARD This group oversees the administration of one of our major ministries, our Child Development Center.  We have a wonderful ministry here to the children and young families of our community.  They meet the third Tuesday of every other month.


LAY LEADERSHIP This is the “nominating committee” of the church and names are submitted from this committee to the floor of Charge Conference (which is the official governing body of our church).   They help everyone find a way of serving God through the ministry of EUMC.  Most meetings are in the fall of the year.


STAFF - PARISH This is the “personnel committee” or the “human resources department” our church.  They are responsible for supporting and encouraging the paid staff of the church and giving direction to the pastor and church staff on an ongoing basis.  This group makes decisions about job descriptions and salaries and makes sure we have adequate staff to meet the needs of the ministry programs of our church.  Keeping a strong staff is vital to a good church.  This group is very important to our ministry and has been meeting monthly on the second Wednesday of the month.


TRUSTEES  Trustees are responsible for operating and maintaining our church property, buildings and equipment, including the parsonage.   Keeping a sound and attractive facility makes vital ministry possible. So much of what we do would not be possible without a good facility.  We have a large facility and it is important for us to take care of it all.    This group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.  


WORSHIP  Our Worship Committee coordinates special events all year long through special worship experiences.  They gear up for special seasons of the year - specifically Lent/Easter and Christmas, but help with many others as well.